This 9-piece party band is made up of some of the sharpest cats, slickest chicks and most incorrigible punsters at the world-famous Vanderbilt University and Medical Center in Nashville.  Many of them have a title longer than their career.  These are the superstars of the O.R. and the aces of academia.  But they’re out there on the frontiers of fun where rank doesn’t matter.  And do they wail.

Think we were kidding?  Soul Incision’s members are C. Wright Pinson, M.D., MBA (Deputy Vice Chancellor for Health affairs and transplant surgeon) drums; Ralph LaNeve, M.D. (Assistant Professor of Surgery, General Surgeon) guitar; Bryan Brand, (Vice President for Business Development) keyboards; Jeffrey A. Byrd (Health System Engineer) saxophone, guitar, vocals; Robert L. Early (Executive Associate Vice Chancellor) trumpet, vocals; Steven H. Smartt (Assistant Provost for Graduate Education and Research) trumpet, vocals; Edward K. Shultz, M.D., M.S. (Director, Information Technology Integration, Pathologist) bass guitar, vocals; Deborah A. Kemp, RN (Medical Center Physician Liaison Nurse) vocals; and Carol Byrd, M.Ed. (Student Support Services Educator) vocals.

Soul Incision’s wildly popular recent CD, Wide Open, was produced by Bil Vorndick, the studio wizard behind such Grammy winners as Alison Krauss and Ralph Stanley.  Wide Open features such classics as “Chain of Fools”, “Dancing in the Streets”, “Brown-Eyed Girl” and “I Will Survive”.  It’s yours from, iTunes or for $9.99, less than half the cost of one hospital aspirin!

Socialized Medicine?  No, just sociable medics!

Soul Incision pumps out ‘50s rock ‘n roll, Beatles classics, ‘60s Memphis and Motown soul, ‘70s disco, ‘80s funk, wedding and holiday favorites and all those “mood” tunes that you love for bringing back so many great memories.  No wonder they say “It’s never too late to rock ‘n roll!”

Concert gigs, charity events, celebrations, conventions, corporate parties, weddings – Soul Incision plays about 30 such events a year all over the country.

To book the band, call Norman Urmy at 615-975-7720 or email him at